We are experts in the recovery of debts, the securing of judgements, delivery of documents, and the distraint of properties in Northern Saskatchewan.

Our firm distinguishes itself by our passion for client service.


Located in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Direct Collect has been providing collection services to Saskatchewan businesses for over 15 years. Experts in securing collection on outstanding debts, our services include document service and property distraint, and consultation. We also specialize in aiding our clients to secure judgements through the small claims process.

Our agents are widely recognized as among the best in their field, and have worked for leading companies, providing consulting services for dozens of leading businesses in the matter of debt collections and recovery.

Our firm distinguishes itself not by its size, but by our passion for client service. We understand that clients have alternatives when it comes to collection services and that we have to earn your business and referrals each and every day.



Our firm is not your typical collections office.


Direct Collect is a Saskatchewan based debt consulting firm. With our office in Prince Albert, we specialize to providing services in the Prince Albert trade area, which for us includes the communities of Melfort, Tisdale, Nipawin, the Battlefords, and the North, to name a few.

Our firm is not your typical collections office. Being community based means our agents are better able to communicate, negotiate, and secure positive results for our clients.

When approaching your case, we will analyze what must be done to address your issue within the confines of the various applicable legislative Acts and from a practical point of view for your business.

At Direct Collect, our agents are committed to securing you the best possible result within our areas of practice.